Linear Solutions

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Linear Solutions

TransDev stocks linear ranges from two major brands and can provide a complete solution for machine builders, users, and the trade. Our soon to be launched linear cutting production cell will offer a quick turn around for your linear requirements. If you need advice we also have the expertise to discuss your requirements and advise the best solution for your needs.

IKO - Experts in Motion

The Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series is a range of machine parts that are indispensable for reducing linear motion friction in the positioning mechanisms of machinery. We supply a large range of products including the linear way and linear roller way rail guiding systems, and a ball spline-based shaft guiding system.

Available sizes range from the world’s smallest track rail at just 1 mm wide, to a very large version which provides high rigidity and high-load capacity. The Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series is widely used in various fields ranging from the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing devices to large machine tools, construction equipment and packaging machinery.

Learn more about the packaging solutions from IKO by requesting the white paper here.

NTN SNR Linear Axis

NTN-SNR Linear Axis are universally applicable modules that accommodate the steadily growing requirements for the automation of manufacturing processes. They are suitable for the most diverse applications in various industries: factory automation, machine tools, electrical engineering/electronic hardware, automotive industry, printing industry, special-purpose machines, clean-room applications in the semiconductor industry and the food industry.

The modular design of NTN-SNR linear axis allows a high degree of flexibility and can fulfil almost every customer request. They can be quickly combined with each other and integrated into existing systems. This also means lower assembling costs for the end user.