Material Characteristics


Cast Nylon MOS² filled

During processing, a small amount of Molybdenum Disulphide, a dry powder lubricant, is added, creating an increase in tensile strength, a reduction in the coefficient of friction and linear expansion.

Due to the reduced moisture absorption, this grade is usually specified to improve lubrication.

However, the addition of Molybdenum Disulphide does have an adverse effect on the impact strength and “toughness” of the material.

Used for bushes, bearings, gears, rollers, track plates and high temperature components.

Cast Nylon LMA grade

A specialist grade of Nylon with low moisture absorbency. It is used mainly in applications with a high humidity or water content. It has a high impact strength, even at low temperatures and the greatest resistance to chemicals of all Nylons.

The processing of the material makes it expensive and should only be used in specific applications, where its low moisture absorbency is necessary.

Used in the food and chemical industries and underwater applications.

Extruded Nylons

Hard, resilient materials with low coefficient of friction and good resistance to chemicals.

Excellent mechanical strength and good vibration and sound dampening properties. Moisture and temperature influence both the

stiffness and strength of Nylons. As temperatures rise, elongation occurs, thereby break and creep increases. Nylon is more moisture absorbent than other Thermoplastics, the rate depending on the type of Plastic used, the relative humidity and size of the material itself. Moisture absorption results in reduced hardness and tensile strength but increases flexibility and impact strength.

Natural Nylons can be affected by ultra violet and black Nylon is recommended for external use.

Extruded Nylon 6

A tough, general-purpose Nylon with a wide range of applications. Highest impact strength of all Nylons, good vibration and dampening qualities and suitable for parts under stress, and capable of withstanding dynamic stress without failure. As with all Nylons, impact strength improves with humidity.