Material Characteristics



A hard, rigid material noted for good impact strength and high modulus of elasticity, combined with excellent electrical, low moisture absorption and weathering properties. May be subject to some stress cracking when exposed to certain solvents, paints and adhesives. Widely used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic components; while sheet forms of the material are used to make glazing and safety guard products.

PEEK (Polyether-Etherketone)

PEEK is a semi-crystalline Thermoplastic used for high temperature applications. The material is suitable for continuous use for temperatures up to 240°C and offers excellent chemical resistance, low moisture absorption and excellent wear and abrasion resistance. The material is V-O rated and exhibits very low toxic gas and smoke emission when exposed to flame.

It should be noted that once temperature is above the glass transition temperature of 143°C there is a decline in the stiffness of the material under load.

Glass filled PEEK (450GL30) uses Glass fibre in order to reduce the thermal expansion rate of the material and increase flexural strength. This is especially apposite where temperatures of above 143°C are present.

Bearing Grade PEEK (450FC30) is a grade with added Carbon fibre, Graphite and PTFE, to enhance low friction capabilities of the material, coupled with heat dissipation.

Applications include valve seats, seals, bearings, bushings, electrical insulation components, semi-conductor processing equipment parts, oil field tooling components, etc.

TUFNOL (sheet form)

Phenolic paper grades

Very economical grades. Strong, rigid and good electrical insulation properties. Impact strength not as high as other grades and not recommended for use where toughness and high stress capabilities are required. Excellent as rigid, non-metallic materials and widely used for electrical applications

Swan Phenolic Paper

Good electrical insulation properties, machines well and used for insulating bushes, spacers and sleeves.

Phenolic cotton grades

The workhorse grades for all general machine applications. Strong, tough and easy to machine with good electrical insulating properties, especially the finer weave grades. Medium to coarse weaves are usually recommended for use where larger, more rugged components are required, being stronger and tougher. Fine weave grades have higher dimensional stability and strength when used in thin sections and also have higher electrical properties.

Bear Phenolic Cotton

Medium weave grade with good electrical properties and lower water absorption than other cotton grades. Bear was especially developed for use as a bearing material. Good dimensional stability and enhanced wear properties give excellent performance when used in bearing applications using water or conventional greases and oils as lubricants.

Whale Phenolic Cotton

Medium weave grade being the most widely used for general purpose applications. Strong and robust with good mechanical and electrical properties.

Carp Phenolic Cotton

High quality, fine weave grade with excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties. Low water absorption. Easily machined to accurate and precise applications.

NOTE: Tube, square and hexagonal rod sections available upon request.