Plastics Overview


Our TransDev Plastics technical team have put together a few characteristics of the most widely used Plastics in the industry to help you select the right type of plastic for your application.

Any further technical information not covered can be obtained from our TransDev Plastics Technical Department, who will be glad to assist.


A tough hard and rigid material with excellent resistance to stress cracking. Low flammability, good resistance to solvents and chemicals. Weather resistant. Widely used as pipes and fittings in drains and wastes and also within the automotive industry.


A high strength, temperature resistant, highly crystalline thermoplastic with a high melting point. Low coefficient of friction, good abrasion resistance and dimensional stability make it suitable for machining as per Nylons, having much lower moisture absorption. Ideally suited for electrical insulators requiring exceptional structural strength at high temperatures or moisture conditions and for machining mechanical parts.

Cast Nylons and continuous casting system

Compared to extruded Nylons, Cast Nylons have a very high molecular weight, between 500,000 and 1,000,000; one of the main factors separating Cast Nylon from the other types of Nylons.

The casting method allows a so-called cross-linking to occur throughout the material during polymerization giving Cast Nylon its wear resistance and toughness characteristics, which are a result of the lower temperatures used in the manufacturing process. Extruded Nylons are reprocessed from a polymer in granular form and require two heating processes during manufacture, compared to Cast Nylons, which are in a pre-process liquid state and require only one heat process. This eliminates the stability problems of Extruded Nylons when manufacturing intricate machined parts.

Cast Nylon oil filled

Primarily used for unlubricated moving parts due to the addition of mineral oil during the process stages. The lubricant is evenly distributed and an integral part of the material and will not drain or spin out, even under arduous working conditions and never needs replenishing.

Oil filled Cast Nylon has an increased bearing life – up to five times that of Natural Cast Nylon 6.

The addition of the mineral oil also reduces the coefficient of friction when running dry, resulting in better dimensional stability and rate of wear. Used for bearings, gears, bushes, rollers, wheels, etc.

Cast Nylon heat stabilised

In addition to the specialist pigment used to obtain the colour during processing, UV blocking and heat stabilising substances are also added, enabling the material to retain mechanical properties, even at high operating temperatures – for example short term 140°C and long term 110°C. Used in High temperature, components, cable sheaves, bushes, rollers, bearings, wear strips, PADS etc.