BATK10 BRECO® Open Length (M)/Joined (V)

BATK10 BRECO® Open Length (M)/Joined (V)

Polyurethane, Steel reinforced, extruded open length & joined, revolutionary curved tooth design, reduced noise, vibration and polygonal effect

BRECO® timing belts BATK10-M/V

  • Polyurethane, Steel reinforced, joined & open length belting
  • Revolutionary curved tooth design, reduced noise, vibration and polygonal effect

Available types for BATK10:

  • Single sided
  • Nylon tooth facing (PAZ)
  • Special polyurethanes upon request
  • Antistatic, coloured, machined, ground and punched belts

Drive Type A

Type A BATK10
Zmin 20 (25)
dmin 60 (80)

Drive Type B

Type B BATK10
Zmin 25
dmin 120

Zmin = Minimum number of teeth. dmin= Minimum diameter (mm)

Values in brackets apply to jointed timing belts.

Belt widths (mm) Intermediate belt widths on request
32 50 75 100
BATK10 (M/V) Available lengths and versions
Standard delivery lengths (M) Rolls of 50 or 100m
Cut to lengths/lengths > 100m On request
Minimum length joined (V) 880mm
Standard material TPUST1)
Steel tension member (standard) x
E tension member
Stainless Steel tension member o
PAZ Colour:white x
PAR Colour: green x
PAZ-PAR Colour: white-green x

x Available, standard lengths (see table) without minimum purchase
o Minimum purchase amount on request
– Not available
1) Further materials on request

Technical Specification

BATK10 – Allowable tensile load by belt width
Belt width b (mm) 32 50 75 100
Tension member loadings Fadm(N) M 5000 7500 12000 17000
V 2500 3750 6000 8500
T2.5 Belt weight kg/m 0.192 0.300 0.450 0.600