Extra Wide Belts T10 Extra

Extra Wide Belts T10 Extra

EXTRA Wide Timing Belts T10-V

JFS* Food Standard Polyurethane, kevlar reinforced, extra wide joined belting
Standard T Profile to DIN 7721 in metric pitch with trapezoidal toothform
* Japan Food Standard Agency

Available types for T10-V EXTRA WIDE

  • single sided
  • kevlar reinforced
  • anti-static, coloured, machined, ground and punched belts
Std. belt widths* b [mm] 200 250 300 350 450
Pulley width [mm] 206 256 306 356 456
Minimum joined length 1000mm

Tension member loadings

allowable tensile load by belt width
Belt width b [mm] 10
Tension member loadings per cm. width Fadm [N] 104
Belt weight per cm. width [kg/m] 0.039
Type A Type B
zmin 20 zmin 20
dmin 60 dmin 80
Type A Type B