On-site Mechanical Assembly

On-site Mechanical Assembly

On-site mechanical assembly

TransDev joined Polyurethane belts are welded in our Poole factory
using specialised equipment and tooling. Whilst our own in-house
joining facility is not portable, we have developed two joining methods to
enable on-site assembly, where the belt can be joined whilst in position
on a machine. A system can now be designed where an endless belt can
be fitted into otherwise difficult surroundings, where the installation of a
pre-joined belt would be time consuming, awkward or impossible.
The advantage of the many hours saved disassembling and reassembling
a complex machine to replace the timing belt is obvious. In some cases
it is only possible to design timing belts into a system if on-site joining
is possible.

Pin jointing

The first method, ‘pin jointing’ utilises pins which are inserted into prepared holes in the belt teeth using a special tool which we have developed for the purpose. Assembly is reasonably straightforward using the instructions supplied. We estimate that assembly will take approximately 10 minutes after the cut ends of the belt have been positioned ready for joining. There should be some means of adjustment to allow the belt to be tensioned after joining. It should be noted that the load figures of ‘pin jointed’ on site assembled joins are reduced when compared to normal welded joins. Each tool is designed and manufactured specifically for each pitch and width, so multiple tools
would be necessary for machines using varying sizes. Only certain pitches
and width combinations are available, as listed in table on right:

Ordering information

Pitch Available
T10 25 32 50 75 100
AT10 25 32 50 75 100 150
T20 50 75 100 150
AT20 32 50 75 100 150
H 1″ 1 1/2″ 2″ 3″ 4″
XH 2″ 3″ 4″

On site welding

We can provide an on-site welding service where a belt is heat welded by our engineers to the same standard as those joined in our factory, the finished product being identical to a “BRECO® V” belt supplied ready joined.  After initial inspection of your machine to determine what on-site welding tooling is required from our existing extensive range, the belts are prepared for joining in our factory and installed on-site  by our engineers. We will also need to assess services during our initial  visit, to ensure that our equipment will operate correctly. The service can be completed outside of normal working hours, on bank holidays or at weekends if required, reducing the inconvenience of belt replacement during production time.
Any belt pitch and width available in the normal joined range may  be supplied, providing there is sufficient room to access the belt for joining.

For further information about any of these on-site assembly services, please contact our Technical Department, who can advise the suitability of the service and discuss any specific requirements.