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Combitex Backed Belts

Combitex backings

Combitex belts can be manufactured from most permutations of bonded backing materials to give multi-layered belts with the desired
resilience/abrasion resistance/coefficient of friction properties. Combitex belts are used where the designer needs a combination of backing properties not available from a single backing material.

A typical example would be high compressibility combined with a high coefficient of friction. UraCell-LD is highly compressible but does not have a particularly high coefficient of friction and NKR is not particularly compressible but does have a high coefficient of friction. The solution to this problem is to combine two backing materials with the appropriate characteristics to give the required properties.

Some of the above combinations may require cross slitting or knife cutting for flexibility (please consult our technical department).

Top layers

Material Properties
NKR-38 abrasion resistance, high coefficient of friction
FoodX-40 food quality, good heat aging resistance
AbbrX-55 resistant to severe abrasion, high resilience and elasticity
NitriSol-55 heat, wear, abrasion and aromatic carbon resistant
UraCell VHD high wear resistance, oil, fat and chemical resistant

Bottom layers

Material Properties RCI*
NeoCell good oil and chemical resistance, closed cell material 4
NeoCell-Plus good oil and chemical resistance, closed cell material 3.2
UraCell-LD partially closed cell, good oil and chemical resistance 7.2
UraCell-MD partially closed cell, good oil and chemical resistance 5.3
UraCell-HD partially closed cell, good oil and chemical resistance 4.3

RCI*= Relative Compressibility Index

TransDev Coloured Polyurethane Belts

Over 500 different colours are available, complying with RAL,
BS 4800, BS 381c and BS 2660.

All types of polyurethane
belts are available, including
profiled, covered and machined

Coloured belts are ideal for product
identification, advertising and
corporate design. Although there
will always be a minor variation
between two different batches,
the highest possible standards of
colour accuracy and consistency
can be achieved.

We offer 5 different colours
from stock:

  • Black — RAL 9017
  • Blue — RAL 5017
  • Red — RAL 3020
  • Yellow — RAL 1023
  • Green — RAL 6029