TransDev Drawdown (VFFS) Belts



TransDev Drawdown Belts (VFFS)

TransDev offers a wide range of high quality Vertcial Form, Fill, Seal (VFFS) Belts for the packaging industry. These UK manufactured toothed timing belts come complete with a backing on the top surface to help vertically
draw down film in packaging machines to make bags. A complete range of moulded and glued backings, machining and milling options are also available.

  • Base Belts available in Polyurethane and Polychloroprene rubber
  • Reinforced with either Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Aramid or Polyester cords
  • Tooth sections available in Metric – T5, T10, AT5 and AT10
  • Stock range made with glued or moulded backings
  • Many tool sizes and all major backing types available from stock
  • Multi-directional moulded belts
  • Belt design ensures the best possible vacuum seal
  • VFFS Belts supplied in pairs and in sealed bags
  • Over 500 belts for popular packaging machine brands are available
  • Full technical support, supply and stocking options

Belt construction

TransDev (VFFS) Drawdown Belts are available in both Polyurethane
and Polychloroprene rubber. They are reinforced with either
Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Aramid or Polyester cords.
CNC machining and milling to grind belts and punch holes
accurately is available onsite from TransDev.

Backings construction

Backings can be moulded or glued. Moulded belts offer
advantages over glued belts such as better abrasive
performance. They don’t delaminate and they work around
smaller pulleys than glued belts. Moulded belts are also
multi-directional, whereas glued belts have a single,
mandatory running direction.

All TransDev moulded backings are identified with ETC
reference. Backings are available in ETC LXM, the next
generation of Drawdown backing material. ETC is a new
mix of Linatex® rubber and is available in red or light blue
colours. ETC LXM B is a unique backing that resists abrasion
where high temperatures are caused by friction on packaging.
ETC LXM B is a problem solver for difficult to drive films.

  • 38° Shore red rubber- can be Linatex®
    or natural red rubber.
  • 38° Shore red rubber glued version is NKR38
  • 38° Shore red rubber moulded version is ETC LXM R.
  • 40° Shore light blue rubber moulded
    version is ETC LXM B.

Harder red rubber compounds are also available;
for example NR60. These backings are suitable for
applications where the belt backing wears quickly
due to abrasion.