Identifiying, Specifying and Ordering

Identifiying, Specifying and Ordering

Identifying your Drawdown Belt

Getting the right Drawdown belt for your packaging machine is critical for its operation.
Therefore to help customers identify their existing belts we have detailed the key points to look for.

1. Machined teeth

  • Measure tooth and zone
  • Many belts have tooth free zones on pulley face to enable belts to run in a vacuum bed.
  • Normally a tooth free zone is central but some can be off-centre.

2. Holes

  • Measure the hole diameter on pulley face and top face.
  • Some holes are counter sunk – e.g. Rovema belts.
  • Check pitch of holes.
  • Check if holes in line with tooth or in gap.
  • Check top surface for slots and angles; measure width, length and depth.
  • If counting the holes rather than the teeth be aware that sometimes the pitch of the holes is not accurate.

3. Backing

  • Many different backing types are available.
  • Check hardness of backing with shore hardness tester
  • Check to see if backing is glued or moulded.
  • If glued, it is normal for you to see a line straight across rubber backing or at a 45 degree angle.
  • Glued belts are normally marked with a direction (running arrow)

4. Construction

  • Check tension member.
  • Look for coiling nose.
  • Look for joint. This will be a square finger or sharks tooth shape.

Specifying your Drawdown Belt

Normally as the film slips then the backing wears, so the backing with the highest grip (co-efficient of friction) should give the best performance.

Silicone rubber backing can be applied only directly to PU base belts.

Special hard wearing Bosch belts (with cross slots) have a yellow PU foam backing with a thin translucent high grip Silicone coating.

Standard Drawdown sizes
225L100 L section 3/8″ imperial pitch belt =
9.525mm pitch
225 = 22.5″ long = 60 teeth. 100 =
1″ wide
270L100 L section 3/8″ imperial pitch belt =
9.525mm pitch
270 = 27″ long = 72 teeth. 100 =
1″ wide
240H150 H section ½” imperial pitch belt =
12.7mm pitch
240 = 24″ long = 48 teeth. 150 =
1½” wide

Ordering your Drawdown Belt

TransDev holds a large stock of Drawdown belts for fast delivery. Glued belts can normally be supplied more quickly than moulded belts. If the belts are a special size they can generally be made in small quantities without any tooling. Special sizes of belts which need a moulded backing may need new tooling. A one-off, inexpensive contribution towards this cost will apply. Please contact our Sales Office for details.

For the trade we offer contract prices for most popular belts, so that you can supply a small quantity of belts at very competitive prices. TransDev can also hold stock for customers to call- off, so that even special constructions of belts can be available on a quick delivery.