Lawn and Garden Belts


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CONTI-V® Roflex-Garden V-Belts

The ROFLEX-GARDEN range is a prime example of CONTI’s dedication to durability and innovation. These belts were developed explicitly for garden and park maintenance equipment, such as ride-on mowers and rototillers. The power transmission requirements for such equipment depend very much on the specific job to be carried out.

The extensive ROFLEX-GARDEN offering responds to the challenges posed with belts tackling tough demands like shock loads, high temperatures, reversed bending stresses and exposure to oil and dust. This is achieved with a high degree of efficiency, minimum noise build up and long service life.

The Vflex range adds even more sizes as well as double sided Vee belts


  • High degree of efficiency
  • Minimum noise build-up
  • Outer fabric facilitates quiet clutch engagement
  • Long service life
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Extremely wear resistant
  • Resists exposure to oil and dust


  • Extensive range, with 3L, 4L and 5L variants
  • Single and double sided belts available
  • Suitable for ride-on mowers, rototillers and similar equipment
  • Ideal for clutch function shock loads
  • Designed for reversed bending stresses from back tensioners


The wrapped belts 3L, 4L and 5L have been developed expressly for machines with a clutch action and for applications in which belts are used with a back-tensioner.


Single sided belt 3L/4L/5L

Double sided belt AA/BB