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ContiTech Synchrochain Belts for Agricultural Machinery

ContiTech Synchrochain Belts for Agricultural Machinery

Drive belts are indispensable components in modern agricultural machinery, thanks to their impressive energy efficiency and maintenance-free aspect. The ContiTech Power Transmission Group offers solutions, which are adapted to the extreme requirements in agricultural technology.

Synchrochain Carbon for Agricultural Machinery

The Synchrochain Carbon is very resistant to wear and abrasion and transmits high powers extremely reliably.

Drive belts in agricultural machinery transmit very high loads extremely reliably – particularly the Synchrochain Carbon by ContiTech, a polyurethane timing belt with carbon tensile member, which is very resistant to wear and abrasion.

The Synchrochain Carbon is maintenance free and helps reduce servicing and replacement costs. Thanks to its efficiency and quieter operation, as well as the fact that there is no need to lubricate or retighten it, the belt is more advantageous than a chain drive, which it can replace.

Synchrochain belts in Agriculture;

  • Impressive energy efficiency and maintenance-free drive belts
  • Polyurethane timing belts offer plenty of advantages over a chain drive
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