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D.I.D. Introduction

D.I.D. Introduction

Driven to Solutions

The D.I.D Brand is known for its dependability in design. D.I.D is an established technical innovator in the world chain drive market. This Japan based manufacturer has been serving a broad spectrum of industries with quality products for over 80 years. D.I.D technology turns timely ideas into productive realities. Daido Kogyo Co. Ltd., the manufacturer of D.I.D Brand Products, is certified according to IS09001, 14001 & API.

Maximum flexibility, outstanding speed and power

TransDev supplies a number of specialist chain products from the D.I.D range alongside its wider chain offering. Together with TransDev, you can count on D.I.D to help create your optimum drive system solution.

Environment resistant chains

Introducing a wide variety of anti-corrosion and specialty chains; for customers who are concerned with corrosion resistance and aggressive working environments. D.I.D’s Environment Resistant Chains perform well under severe conditions.

Wear resistant chains

Introducing a wide variety of anti-elongation chains; for customers who are concerned with lubrication, maintenance cost and reducing downtime. D.I.D is a pioneer of Sealed Chain technology and theWorld No. 1 Motorcycle Chain manufacturer.

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