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TYC Chain

TYC Chain

TYC are one of the foremost international manufacturers of quality chain with factories in Taiwan, Thailand and China having manufactured chain for over 50 years. With over 500 employees, the most modern manufacturing facilities and in-house material processing, all products are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards and with ISO 9001 accreditation

Standard TYC roller chain has built-in benefits

  • ISO 9001 Accreditation
  • Lubricated ready for use
  • Pre-stressed
  • Shot peened stress relieved side plates
  • Seam orientated bushes
  • Cold headed seamless rollers
Product Standards Specialities
ISO Roller chain ISO Standard from 04 to 32B-3 Attachment chain
ANSI Roller chain ANSI Standard from 25 to 200-3 Heavy Duty Chain
Double Pitch Chain,
“C” Type Chain
Side Bow Chain
Snap-On Top Chain
Self-Lubricating Chain
Hollow Pin Chain
Rollerless Chain
Nickel Plated Chain,
Stainless Steel Chain
Leaf chain From AL322 to AL1266
From LL-1022 to LL-2066
From BL-423 to BL-1466
End pins and anchors
Attachment chain Any standard roller chain Attachments:
A1, K1, M35, M1,
WA1, WK1,WA2, WK2,
WM35, WM1, WM35-2, WM2
and many others
Bicycle & motorcycle chain 410, 415, 510, 515 (Bicycle)
415B, 415H, 420, 428,
428H, 520,520H, 530,
530H (motorcycle)
423 Chain (motorcycle)

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