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Wippermann Chain

Wippermann Chain

Wippermann Industrial Chains

Wippermann design and manufacture chains that deliver maximum performance and optimum efficiency in increasingly demanding applications.

Industrial chain requirements are becoming more and more complex: high fatigue strength, high-temperature application and freedom from maintenance, to name but a few. Wippermann offer a broad range of extremely reliable standard chains, whether Roller Chains with and without attachments, Leaf Chains or various special chains.

Also today, a broad range of low maintenance and maintenance-free industrial chains by Wippermann meet virtually all requirements placed upon drive systems. In addition to six high-performance models, you also have the option to individually customise any maintenance-free chains to your requirements.


Wippermann chain is used for varied applications, e.g.

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Assembly plants
  • Car wash systems
  • Container carriers
  • Conveyors
  • Food packaging plants
  • Galvanizing plants
  • High rack warehouse technology
  • Laundry machines
  • Lift trucks and hoisting
  • Packaging machines
  • Painting plants
  • Plants for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Production plants for the electrical industry
  • Solar cleaning plants
  • Warehouse and packaging plants
  • Water-management facilities

If you can‘t find your application we will develop the perfect solution together with you.

Perfect engineering

Customers from the automotive, food, packaging and many other industries appreciate the high quality of Wippermann products. From the production of the individual components made of high-grade Steel strips up to the final installation of the chains – the entire production is based at Wippermann’s headquarters in Hagen, Germany.

Wippermann consider products optimal if they comply with both their strict quality and environmental standards and the high expectations of customers. Expertise across all production steps, from the raw materials to the elaborate manufacturing processes, through to application planning is paramount to their success.

Research and development

Wippermann’s research activities are dedicated to developing products for future requirements and also to open up new fields of applications, for instance in areas where the potential efficiency of chain has not been fully exploited. Also conforms to the latest version of DIN EN ISO 9001 Rev. 2000 thus proving a commitment to excellence in its development, construction, assembly and customer service divisions. Wippermann also holds customer quality approvals across many fields and applications. Tight final inspection is carried out on the finished product using advanced metrology systems, ensuring long life and reliability for customer end-product

Low Maintenance & Maintenance-Free Chain

Maintenance-free chains cover a wide range of applications. The interaction of the modular components leads to a unique performance profile for each chain model. The result: tailor-made drive solutions for the electrical, food, packaging and automotive industry where lubrication of the chains is not possible for technical or economic reasons. Learn more

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