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Low and Maintenance-Free Chains

Low and Maintenance-Free Chains

Wippermann modular low and maintenance-free high-performance chains are tailored to suit a wide range of applications.  Chain components with various properties can be configured to enable customised drive solutions, with optimum performance.

For decades, Wippermann have been committed to continuously advancing the development of all kinds of drive components, focused on wear resistance, fatigue strength as well as corrosion and temperature resistance. By developing selected high-grade steels, environmentally-friendly and FDA-compliant functional coatings and innovative polymer bearings they have continuously pushed the technical and economic boundaries.

Today, a broad range of low-maintenance and maintenance-free industrial chains by Wippermann meet virtually all requirements placed upon drive systems. In addition to six high-performance models, you also have the option to individually customise any maintenance-free chains to your requirements.

Maintenance-free chains cover a wide range of applications. The interaction of the modular components leads to a unique performance profile for each chain model. The result: tailor-made drive solutions for the electrical, food, packaging and automotive industry where lubrication of the chains is not possible for technical or economic reasons.

TRIGLEIT Polymer Plain Bearings

With three different materials, TRIGLEIT offers the optimum bearing for every application.

TRIGLEIT Polymer Bearing II Z FDA
Cost efficiency ••• ••
Wear ••• •• ••
Friction ••• ••
High Temperatures ••• ••
FDA approval, direct food contact •••
Chemicals •• •••
Steam* •••
Water Contact ••• ••• •••
Dry running operation ••• ••• •••
••• very good     •• good     limited     – not possible
  • Alternative solutions on request
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