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Conti Professional: New Functionalities Added to Drive Design Software

Conti Professional: New Functionalities Added to Drive Design Software

New features in Conti Professional software

  • Facility to design drives with open-ended belts included
  • Motor efficiencies can be taken into account with two-pulley drives
  • Drives can be designed with Synchroforce Carbon and Synchrorib

In Conti Professional, ContiTech offers its customers software for designing two- and multi-pulley drives. New functions have now been added. “The application now has the facility to design drives with open-ended belts,” declares Marcel Vogel, an application engineer in the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. Other new features: The motor efficiency can be taken into account with two-pulley drives. In addition, drive designs with belts from the Synchroforce Carbon and Synchrorib product families will also be possible in the future.

Conti Professional was launched in 2016. It is a web-based application that can be accessed via a browser. Users do not need to install it on their own computers and manage updates – as was the case with the earlier Conti Suite software. After a one-off registration, customers can make use of the full familiar functionality in the new software, too. “Different functionalities, familiar from the Transmission Designer und Drive Alive elements of Conti Suite, are merged into one application, in order to make its use even easier and more efficient for our customers,” explains Vogel. Other advantages are that the required number of pulley can be selected ranging from 2 to 20, and, once designed, projects are stored in the software. This means users can access their stored data at any time.

The use of Conti Professional is free of charge. It can be accessed here.

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