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Advance V-Belt for Higher Productivity & Falling Operating Costs

Advance V-Belt for Higher Productivity & Falling Operating Costs

Conti-V Advance V-Belt for High Performance

  • Wrapped narrow-section Advance V-belts ideal for high-performance applications
  • Increase of well over 40% in power potential compared to standard V-belts

Improved design, expanded range of lengths, higher availability: the wrapped narrow-section V-belt Conti-V Advance from the ContiTech Power Transmission Group is now available, not just for project business but also as a stock item in small quantities. Thanks to a tensile member made of reinforced polyester, a fiber-reinforced compound, and a doubled fabric jacket, the belt is ideally suited to high-performance applications.

ContiTech developed the Conti-V Advance particularly for heavy-duty drives in the general mechanical engineering sector. The narrow-section V-belt is typically used in compressors, fans, construction machinery, and gardening equipment. It is also suitable as a coupling belt as well as for applications that require counterflexing. “The Conti-V Advance offers increased overall efficiency as well as an increase of well over 40% in power potential compared to standard V-belts,” explains Regina Arning, head of the Industry segment at ContiTech Power Transmission Group. “The better longitudinal stability also ensures minimal maintenance outlay. This allows the operating costs to be reduced and productivity increased.”

Another advantage – since the Conti-V Advance transmits significantly more power than a conventional V-belt, drives in which belt sets are used can be designed to be much narrower. The number of belts can thus be reduced, which helps to save on system costs. In accordance with ISO 1813, the Conti-V Advance is electrically conductive, temperature resistant from -30°C to +80°C, has limited oil resistance, and is available in SPZ, SPA, SPB, and SPC profiles.

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