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ContiTech AGRIDUR® Power Transmission Agricultural Belts

ContiTech AGRIDUR® Power Transmission Agricultural Belts

Agricultural Belts for Power & Endurance

The technologization of agriculture has accelerated apace in recent decades. Modern agricultural machines have become complex, high-performance units – making extremely high demands of the drive components in particular. AGRIDUR® agricultural belts are a line of state-of-the-art, heavy-duty power transmission belts which fit seamlessly into this demanding environment.

Agricultural Belts Details

With four product series in total, AGRIDUR® covers almost all of today’s agricultural engineering applications. All AGRIDUR® agriulctural belts – whether wrapped V-belts, banded V-belts, variable-speed belts or multiple V-ribbed belts – are electrically conductive to ISO 1813.

AGRIDUR® power transmission belts ensure extremely reliable power transmission – thanks to their smooth running properties even under harsh operating conditions as a result of dirt, dust and moisture. Furthermore, AGRIDUR® power transmission belts deliver high efficiency even under the most extreme weather conditions such as heat and cold, drought and rain, and direct sunlight. Another factor to bear in mind is that no lubrication is required – a benefit when compared with chain drives. AGRIDUR® power transmission belts therefore help cut the costs of maintenance appreciably.

AGRIDUR® wrapped V-belts

AGRIDUR® wrapped V-belts are temperature resistant from –30°C to +80°C. The fiber-reinforced, synthetic-rubber compound ensures outstanding transverse stiffness. In the aramid version the tension member is especially low-stretch. AGRIDUR® wrapped V-belts are ideal for matched sets L=L from 1,000 mm upward.

AGRIDUR® banded V-belts

AGRIDUR® banded V-belts can be operated in the temperature range from –40°C to +80°C. Their especially smooth running is a particular feature of their operation.

AGRIDUR® variable-speed belts

AGRIDUR® variable-speed belts are temperature-resistant between –30°C and +90°C. They are especially suitable for use under high loads. They transmit high outputs safely and reliably.

AGRIDUR® multiple V-ribbed belts

AGRIDUR® multiple V-ribbed belts offer convincingly smooth operation. They are also designed for use with reverse flexing and reverse idlers.

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