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ContiTech offers belt solutions for the drives of roller conveyors

ContiTech offers belt solutions for the drives of roller conveyors

Roller Conveyor Drive Belts

  • Reliable power transmission even at high loads
  • Belts are suitable for fixed center distances
  • Maintenance- and lubrication-free operation

From sorting through distribution to commissioning: roller conveyors are an integral part of internal logistics. For their drives, ContiTech offers several belt solutions: the V ribbed belt Multirib Elast as well as timing belts from the product families Synchroforce and Synchrochain.

”Which belt is used depends entirely on the individual application and the weight of the transported goods,” explains Henning von der Haar, Regional Sales Manager at the ContiTech Power Transmission Group.

For example, the V-ribbed belt Multirib Elast is suitable for roller conveyors in logistics facilities to convey relatively light goods as postal parcels. If the roller tracks however have to transport heavier goods such as engine blocks, the high performance timing belts Synchroforce and Synchrochain offer the right drive solution since they transfer high forces and torques extremely reliable.

The use of belts in roller conveyors enables cascade drives with high efficiency: They only need a top- or mid-mounted engine, because the force is transmitted from roller to roller. Since the distances between the individual rollers are fixed and pre-tensioning is therefore not possible, the belts must show sufficient pre-tension already when they are applied. While doing so, belts offer substantial advantages over chain drives since they are smooth-running and stable in length. Moreover, they do not need to be lubricated, which helps to keep maintenance costs low and to reduce any downtimes.

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