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Discover answers to the most commonly asked questions about buying from TransDev. Just click on the relevent topics below.


Products & Services

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What do you sell?

What brands do you stock?

How much stock do you hold?

Who do you sell to?

What services do you offer?


How are my goods packaged?

What about Quality Assurance?

How traceable are my goods?

How are goods labelled?

Delivery (Stock/Standard Products)

Do you do next day delivery?

Where do you deliver to?

How are my goods packaged?

Quotes and Orders

What are your opening hours?

How can I contact you?

Who can I talk to near me?

How long will a quotation take?

Is there a minimum order value?


How much stock do you hold?

How is your stock managed?


Do you offer kits of components?

Technical Services

What expertise do you have?

What services do you offer?

Can you test products?

Customer Service

How do you handle returns?

What if I have an emergency?

Special Belts

What is possible?

What should I supply for quoting?

How long will my quotation take?

Belt manufacturing time?

Special Manufacturing

What is possible?

What should I supply for a quote?

How long will a quote take?

How do you manage projects?

Delivery timings?

Payment and Terms

How do I pay?

Can I buy online?

What are your sales terms?

Trade and Distributors

How do I become a distributor?

How do I get a Trade Account?

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