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Gears and Racks Available in Hard-wearing Polyketone

Gears and Racks Available in Hard-wearing Polyketone

TransDev can supply Driveflex plastic gears in a highly wear-resistant material that is ideal for the machinery, equipment, and precision mechanics industries.

Polyketone is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer with a high melting point.Due to its very high tensile strength, it is a great choice for designs that need to sustain constant mechanics even under changing climatic conditions.

The polyketone material can be specified as an alternative to Driveflex HOSTAFORM plastic gears and offers excellent wear breakage, chemical resistance, toughness on impact loading, and extremely high abrasion resistance.

The harder polyketone material can extend the useful life of gearboxes, in addition to decreasing downtime for repair and maintenance work, as well as widening the possible range of applications.

Bryan Owers, TransDev’s Product Manager for gears commented

“It is important to note that polyketone based gears are just one of many material options available from TransDev. We can always provide further advice on which material is suitable for your specific application.”

To learn more visit Driveflex Gears. Polyketone is shown as an option on the HOSTAFORM product pages.

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