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NEW Metric Splined Shafts and Bushes

The TransDev range of Metric Splined Shafts and Splined Bushes are manufactured to a very high standard, yet supplied at very competitive prices.

Quality Steels EN8 and Stainless Steel EN 1.4301 are used for the manufacture of the Splined Shafts. Nuts can also be supplied in both Steel and Stainless Steel from stock.

As well as our standard range of Splined Shafts and Bushes, we also offer fully machined components to customer’s specifications and drawings. Splined Shafts feature maximum linear straightness tolerances of 0.8 mm per 1000 mm length and torsional straightness of 0.5mm per 1000mm.


What is a Splined Shaft?

Splined Shafts are crucial for the production of many items as well as machinery in many industries. Splines are ridges or teeth on a drive shaft that mesh with grooves in a mating piece and transfer torque to it. Splined Shafts are available in an array of lengths and diameters, materials and can even vary in types of grooves. The main difference between splines and Keys is that splines are integral with the shaft with usually four or more splines on a shaft.

How does a Splined Shaft work?

Splined Shafts can easily handle high rotation speeds and deliver torque. The ridged structure of Splined Shafts make it much easier to deliver more torque than other shafts, as they have an equal distribution of load across every teeth or groove. The load capacity of a Splined Shaft must be enough to carry the force across the axis, so it can transfer the torque. The load capacity should be perfectly balanced, i.e. neither too heavy or too light.

What does a Splined Shaft look like?

A splined shaft has a number of equally spaced grooves cut in the shaft, forming a series of projecting keys. These fit into an internally grooved cylindrical member, such as a matched Splined Bush. Splined Shafts are made using high-quality carbon steel to help provide a reliable and smooth motion. Stainless steel Spline Shafts are the best option to provide tensile strength whilst also preventing corrosion.

What does a Splined Shaft do?

A Splined Shaft helps provide a uniform and controlled torque. It can also reduce the chances of part misalignment. They are excellent for loads that might exert torsional forces on a bearing. The ridges and grooves stop the ball bearings from rotating along the shaft, so that in practice, a Splined Shaft and Splined Bush system can replace the need for two linear rod rails.

Where is a Splined Shaft used?

Splined shafts are typically used in several applications. These include manufacturing, locomotives, industrial facilities, automobiles, and many others. Its most common application is in the automobile industry, aviation, and earth-moving machinery.

Good to know about Splined Shafts?

The life expectancy of a Splined Shaft depends upon regular cleaning and lubrication. Cleaning Spline Shafts and Splined Bushes maintains their functionality. The teeth or grooves in the Spline Shaft and any holes should be thoroughly cleaned and checked. Any residue should not be left in the shaft.

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