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OEMs rely on TransDev components for both their plant and machinery as well as their products. We work closely with customers to ensure that production lines are optimised and critical power transmission and conveying components are fit for purpose. Due to their reliability and recognised brand names OEMs are also happy to specify our components in their products. The competitive pricing that we offer, across a wide range of options, also ensures that production costs are minimised and specifications closely matched.

News / Case Studies

Linear Systems – Anyone can produce complicated products

HSB Automation is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of linear systems and equips their HSB-kappa® ...
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CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX timing belts – the perfect choice for belt slicing machines

Slice fruit and vegetables with less waste than ever before The GS 10 is the ...
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Plastics Goes Large at Drives & Controls

The Drives & Controls exhibition at the NEC provided an ideal opportunity to showcase the extensive ...
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Glass Industry Turns to BRECO and BRECOFLEX

With their shiny façades, modern skyscrapers, hotels and shopping centres have an elegant and futuristic ...
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NEW Pin Oven Chain for Can Manufacturing

D.I.D. Pin Oven Chain, also referred to as Deco chain, is a quality product that ...
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ContiTech Timing Belts Optimizing Pump Technology

Pumps with a belt drive are opening up new performance and application fields Belts enable ...
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Relax with BRECO® Open Ended Belting For Accurate Motion Control

TransDev are highlighting the versatility of BRECO® Polyurethane linear drive belts for accurate, motion control and power ...
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BRECO Timing belts in continuous operation 24/7

BRECO® timing belt drives, with a huge centre-to-centre distance of 27 m, are the connecting ...
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