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Like automation the robotics industry is making giant strides (often literally) to increase the possibilities and potential of whatever industry it is applied to. Whether it is changing the face of manufacturing or going places where no human can go, components must perform within tight parameters. Often at the cutting edge of technology, designers look to TransDev for expertise in optimising power and motion.

News / Case Studies

BRECOflex timing belts now available as ‘StandardPlus’ for precision positioning applications

Transdev, the UK’s leading mechanical power transmission specialists have introduced a range of BRECOflex timing ...
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What makes model buggies indestructible? SYNCHROFLEX

To test the market for complete conversion kits from toothed gearing to timing belt gearing, ...
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TransDev and BRECOFLEX backs triple winner in Young Engineer of the Year

When TransDev published its story about the help that it had given to Andrew Cowan ...
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Schools search and rescue robot winner

TransDev gets to grips for schools search and rescue robot winner. Poole based Transmission Developments ...
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PU flat belt as an alternative to steel ropes

Flat Belts for Lifting and Conveying Flat belt enables compact drives Lasts up to three ...
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BRECO® ATN – Over 500 tubes of toothpaste per minute

Powerful performance: Two BRECO® ATN polyurethane timing belts transport toothpaste tubes into their packaging in a flash. ...
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Top precision BRECOFLEX timing belt drives in TLM-F4 robots

High-precision robot arms: Mulco sales partner REIFF supplies technical products using BRECOFLEX polyurethane timing belts perfectly suited ...
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