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Transport is about moving large amounts of goods effectively and reliably with profitability. Smaller local stock holdings and ‘just-in-time’ deliveries place even greater demands on picking and movement of goods. Having the right power transmission and conveying components is critical to ensuring profit margins and reputations are maintained in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

News / Case Studies

TransDev supplies SYNCHROFLEX GEN III timing belts and pulleys for exciting green energy schools challenge

Prometheus steals fire from the gods to finish with electric car awards. Pupils at Two ...
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TransDev timing belts help motion simulation system to Surge, Sway and Yaw

TransDev timing belts help motion simulation system to Surge, Sway and YawTransDev supplies timing belts, pulleys and drive lock ...
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Transdev and e=motion UK land-speed record attempt

On July 7th 2006, at Fairford, Gloucester e=motion, the world electric vehicle land speed challenger ...
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What makes model buggies indestructible? SYNCHROFLEX

To test the market for complete conversion kits from toothed gearing to timing belt gearing, ...
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PU flat belt as an alternative to steel ropes

Flat Belts for Lifting and Conveying Flat belt enables compact drives Lasts up to three ...
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Synchrodrive Belt for the Rack Feeders of the Future

With the Synchrodrive HTD 20M belt even higher pallet weights, greater accelerations, and lifting heights ...
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Garden Belts are the Gardener’s Best Friend

CONTI -V® ROFLEX and the TransDev Vflex range of Lawn & Garden belts offer quiet performance as ...
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