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NEW Pin Oven Chain for Can Manufacturing

NEW Pin Oven Chain for Can Manufacturing

D.I.D. Pin Oven Chain, also referred to as Deco chain, is a quality product that is primarily used in can manufacturing to convey decorated and base coated cans through high speed & high temperature ovens.

  • Designed specifically for can manufacturing
  • DID Pin Oven Chain performs exceptionally well inside high temperature ovens
  • DID Pin Chain already dominates Japanese domestic market due to excellent long life performance.
  • Wide selection of chain types and tip styles available to meet Can manufactures requirements.
  • Sizes, prices and pin tip varieties are available on request.

Can Manufacturing Benefits;

Wide Clearance between outer and inner plates allows for chain lubrication to penetrate into the pin and bushing efficiently, preventing chain stretch.

Reduction of chain lubrication, due to the efficient and smooth penetration, results in less contamination (sludge/fume) over the chain and can.

Both the outer & inner plates have a polished finish, or smooth surface, allowing for easy cleaning.

Bearing area between the pin and bushing is larger compared to standard chain, resulting in the long pin being more stable with less vibration.

The spring clip style connecting link with long pin & peek tip are available for replacement.


  • Tensile strength: 32.4kN Min
  • Assembly of chain: 504LZ x PCS
  • Non-Riveted Pin = Easy Pin Replacement
  • Extended Bushing = Clearance Fit
  • Long Pin Projection
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