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New pitch for BAT / BATK curved tooth timing belts

New pitch for BAT / BATK curved tooth timing belts

BRECO and BRECOFLEX BATK and BAT curved tooth timing belts have proven their outstanding running characteristics time and again in numerous applications. In addition to the proven 10 mm pitch, BATK10 and BAT10, belts with a 15 mm pitch are now available with immediate effect from TransDev.

Curved tooth timing belts

The designer can now take advantage of the curved tooth design for applications involving higher load/stress factors. The distinguishing features of the self-tracking timing belts include higher tooth shear strength, optimal force transmission due to the large number of teeth in mesh at a time, markedly reduced running noise in comparison to conventional tooth belts and a high degree of transmission accuracy along with lower vibrational effects as a result of low polygonal forces.

Antistatic versions of BRECO timing belts now available

BRECO  T5, T10, AT5 and AT10 timing belt types, in both open length and joined belts, are now also available in an antistatic version. Consisting of a new anti-static polyurethane carcass and  with a special fabric on both the back and tooth sides acting as a nonstick layer with wear protection. The conductivity values reached using new belts in continuous testing comply with the ISO 9563 requirements and guarantee the necessary levels of electrical conductivity to allow the belts to be used in restricted and hazardous environments. Other types are still available with the TransDev Anti-Static Coating to British Standard BS2050 (1978) and DIN 22104

Mechanical jointing system for BRECO T10 and AT10 belts

After the great success of the C, DC and DC-PRO mechanical jointing systems for the BRECO ATN range, this type of jointing system is now also available for BRECO T10 and AT10 types. Joints are available in widths of 50, 75 and 100 mm for both belt types. The main areas of application are low-rated drives requiring on-site installation work, where retrofitting the belt offers decisive time-savings and thus cost advantages. Moreover, timing belts with  can be used as “replacement elements” to prevent impending downtime following malfunction and avoid resulting total belt failure. These belts might help prevent total failure, thereby minimizing possible damage.

BRECOFLEX StandardPlus reaches new lengths

With machinery becoming more and more complex, Breco Antriebstechnik, a MULCO partner, is now also able to extend the BRECOFLEX StandardPlus timing belt range for belt lengths between 720 mm and 1700 mm in any number of teeth. Currently the product range is comprises of the timing belt types T5, T10, AT5 and AT10 up to a maximum width of 100 mm. This represents a substantial expansion of the variety of lengths offered by this new generation of polyurethane timing belts.

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