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New Sizes Added to 5.0 MOD Spur Gears

New Sizes Added to 5.0 MOD Spur Gears

TransDev has added new larger sizes to its Driveflex range of 5.0 MOD Spur Gears. Seven new metric sizes are featured, from 32 to 60 teeth.

All are to Standard: to DIN 867, DIN 3962, DIN 3963, Grade/Quality 9 or equivalent; with standard tolerances, unless otherwise stated of ±0.25mm. They are machined from high quality Steel EN8, (080M40/080M46) or equivalent.

View the expanded range here.

Intermediate sizes and special gears to drawing, up to 1000mm diameter are also available for custom requirements. Just contact sales for further information.

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