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NEW TNA Monorail Draw Down Belts

NEW TNA Monorail Draw Down Belts

As part of its growing Transgrip draw down range of belts TransDev has launched new TNA Monorail Belts. These offer a real alternative to manufacturer’s own Silicone coated belts.

The Transgrip belts are constructed from a cost effective yet strong rubber base belt, coated in our high specification/High Gloss ETC SIL 50HG – a seamless 50 ShA red Silicone. This compound has been specially formulated to offer both superb grip (High Gloss outer maximises coefficient of friction) and a long life-time/high wear resistance.

Transgrip belts are competitively priced and available with short lead times.

TransDev also offer a full range of other TNA compatible belts. For further details please contact our Special Belts experts on 01202 675555.

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