Ball Bearings – Angular

Angular Contact Bearings

Standard Range

Depending on series and dimensions, angle of 30°

  • 1 row: 7800, 7900, 71900, 7000, 7200, 7300, 7400 Large bearings: bore < 1060 mm
  • 2 rows: 5200, 5300, 3200, 3300
  • For series 3200 and 3300, angle 25° or 32°, depending on type
Possible Cages
Cage materials Suffixes
Phenolic resin T1 –
Sheet -J
Reinforced polyamide fibre glass -G15 (SNR)
-T2 (NTN)
Brass -M (SNR)
-L1 (NTN)
Solid Steel -F1 (NTN)
Variants Brands Suffixes
Angle at 25° NTN -AD
Angle increased to 40° NTN and SNR -B
Universal fitting with no pre-load NTN and SNR -G
Non-contact metal protection flange NTN and SNR -ZZ
Contact seal SNR -EE
Non-contact seal (labyrinth effect) NTN -LLB

4-Point Angular Contact Bearings

Standard Range: Solid cage (-M by SNR, -L1 by NTN): QJ200, QJ300

Sheet, solid or reinforced polyamide cage depending on the series and dimensions.

Bearing Number Example