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Cam Followers

Cam Followers

Cam followers are used for applications requiring guidance, with minimum contact with cam and the linear guidance systems.

Cam followers applications are very different to bearing applications. The cam follower is not fitted in a housing and its thicker outer ring rolls directly over a surface to provide guidance.

With or without a seal, with an outer ring with a convex or cylindrical profile, all cam followers are proposed:

  • Contact needle version: (KRV-NATV) to accept significant loads
  • Cage version: (KR-NATR) to accept higher speeds

Versions with 2 rows of contact bearings also exist to increase capacity (NUTR, NUTW et NUKR):

  • Stud Type: threaded shaft has a slot head or hex head screwdriver tightening system to simplify the attachment of the roller on the support surface. These rollers may be
    regreased by the shaft
  • Yoke Type: with or without lateral guidance
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