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Specific Ranges

Specific Ranges

Bearings with Solid Lubrication

Bearings with solid lubrication are manufactured under the NTN brand (SolidGrease) and the SNR brand (LubSolid). They require a special grease, solidified after injection in the bearings, which can retain a greater quantity of oil than standard grease, as required for the lubrication of the bearing during operation.

  • No service
    –Reduced, or even zero, servicing
    –Less servicing for inaccessible bearings
  • Resistance to contamination
    –High performance in dusty and/or humid environments
    –The use of sealed bearings is recommended for applications
    with high levels of contamination. This type of lubrication
    can be used to improve bearing sealing
  • No grease leakage
    –No grease leakage and low oil leakage:
    guaranteed clean operation
  • Excellent resistance to centrifugal forces, vibrations and low-scale oscillations
    –Lubricant is in the form of a solid mass, ensuring: excellent
    resistance to centrifugal forces from the amount of oil
    necessary for satisfactory operation
  • Low start-up torque
    –“SPOT PACK” type bearings: very low start-up torque at ambient temperature

NTN-BCA® Ball Bearings

Whether in metric or inch dimensions, standard or customised, NTN-BCA® manufactures multiple products, even in small quantities.

  • Metric or inch radial ball bearings
  • Angular contact bearings
  • Mounted bearing units / bearings
  • Special agricultural bearings for plough discs
  • Mast rollers / chain guide bearing units
  • Flat and/or non-circular bearings
  • Clutch products
  • Wheel bearings
  • Pulling or transfer pulleys
Version Brands Type Filling Operatingtemperature
Standard NTN LP03 Full & Spot -20°C to +60°C continuously, +80°C intermittent
SNR GEN1(LSO) -GEN2* Full & Spot (GEN2) -20°C to +100°C continuously
High temperature NTN LP05 Spot -20°C to +100°C continuously, +120°C intermittent
SNR GEN2* Full & Spot -20°C to +150°C continuously
Low temperature SNR GEN1 (LSF) Full -40°C to +110°C
Food NTN LP06 / LP09 Full & Spot -10°C to +80°C continuously, +100°C intermittent
SNR GEN1 (LSA) Full -50°C to +100°C continuously
Special needle bearings NTN LP03 Full -20°C to +100°C continuously, +120°C intermittent
SNR GEN1 Full -20°C to +100°C continuously

* GEN2 on process, small quantities only

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