Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered Roller Bearings

These accept high radial loads and axial loads in one direction. They are generally fitted opposite a bearing of the same type. Load capacity depends on contact angle.

NTN Bower Range

Sheet, solid or reinforced polyamide cage depending on the series and dimensions.

  • Through hardened bearing steel
  • Vacuum degassed case hardened steel (4T, ET) and special
    heat treatment for a longer service life (ETA / ECO)
  • Generally equipped with a steel sheet cage
  • Solid or steel pin-type cages for large bearings
  • Fibre glass reinforced polyamide cage possible depending on the application for smaller bearings
Small Torque Specification
  • Bearing identified with the suffix -ST:
  • Reduced drag torque
  • Reduced heating
  • Improved seizure resistance
  • Simplified adjustments at assembly

Eco-Top Range:
For Challenging Applications

  • Life time: +180% compared to through hardened steel
  • Optimised design, enhanced service life, more compact
    bearing and reduced energy consumption
Bearing Number Example

1 Row

  • Metric dimensions: ISO 355 and JIS B 1512 standards
  • Available with contact angles, spread from 10° to 31°,including 2 series of large contact angle (T7FC and 303xx D)
  • Inch dimensions:ABMA standard (including J metric series)
  • Can be equipped with flanges

2 Rows

  • Appears in the same form as two single-row bearings
  • Fitted face-to-face or back-to-back, with metric or inch dimensions
  • One-piece outer or inner rings
  • Single-row assemblies with spacers also exist

4 Rows

  • Composed of two double cones, two single flanges and one double flange
  • Extended service life, thanks to the use of case hardened steel, hollow rollers and pin-type cages
  • Very high load capacities, adapted to rolling type applications
  • – Available in sealed version (-LL) and ULTAGE range (SEE PAGE 13)