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Tube Winder Belts

Tube Winder Belts

Truly endless belts are used in the Cardboard Tube & Core producing industry

These highly specialised belts are produced by two manufacturers who together have decades of experience in this challenging application. The belts are specially tailored to deliver the required strength, grip and stability.

• 2 renowned brands

• Over 6 belt types

• All major machines supported

• Full technical support and site visits available

• Competitive pricing

• Stockholding possible against a contract


Can be installed on a small mandrel and applied for a hard twist within a short distance. Prevents over-tensioning by maintaining even contact pressure against mandrel.


• Less power consumption

• Less mandrel abrasion

• Less load on equipment


Minimizes uneven elongation and uneven abrasion. Enables stable tube-winding due to even contact pressure against paper material.

Riva Renzo – Truly Endless belts

An established Italian company specialising in the manufacture of Truly Endless belts for various sectors. Using their extensive experience, the best quality materials and state of the art equipment Riva Renzo are able to supply truly customised solutions.


• Natural/Butadiene rubber compound

• Smooth ground surfaces

• Flexible & strong construction

• Symmetrical design allows both sides to be used

• White rubber available for food/ non-marking.

Papergrip series

Type Maximum Length
Maximum Width
Breaking Strength
Minimum Tube diameter
(mm Ø)
PG-300-6 9000 600 6.0 300 40
PG-450-8 9000 600 8.0 450 60
PG-500-6 9000 600 6.0 500 60
PG-1000-8 9000 600 8.0 1000 80

Nitta – An unrivalled reputation

The oldest belting company in the world,
with an unrivalled reputation within the paper
and cardboard producing sectors. The only
major belting company to compound their
own rubbers. Achieving excellence through
constant R & D.

• Nitrile Butadiene rubber compound

• Textured surfaces

• Excellent flexibility and strength characteristics

• Symmetrical design allows both sides to be used

• High grip ensures no slippage

Zeroseam™ series

Type Maximum Length
Maximum Width
(2% elongation)
Minimum Tube diameter
(mm Ø)
ZS-TWL-42H 5000 280 4.2 13 25
ZS-TWL-46H 5000 280 4.6 18 75
ZS-TWL-56H 5000 280 5.6 18 75



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