Volta Series Friction Belts

Introduction to Volta Belting


Volta Belting Technology Ltd has been a world leader in the manufacture of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) belting and profiles for over 50 years.

Volta Belting offers the largest range of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) V and Round (VaR) profiles available in the market. High durability and dimensional accuracy makes them indispensable for applications that demand reliability. Available in a range of profiles (reinforced, coated grip belts, custom designed), colours and hardnesses

  • Resistant to water, oil and chemicals
  • Long, reliable life
  • Dimensional consistency reduces vibrations or product loss
  • Welded coatings add grip or vary the coefficient of friction
  • Textured variations of round belts available

Special Round belts include Steel-reinforced belts for canning lines and ESD belts for use in the electronics industry. Grip tops welded to V profiles are available for stop/start lines and packaging machinery. Other specialized VaR profiles suit ceramic glazing lines.

Many VaR products are USDA/FDA/USDA/3A Dairy and EC certified for food contact. Volta Belting also offers special tools for welding VaR profiles.