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Indulge in Perspex® Sweet Pastels

Indulge in Perspex® Sweet Pastels

Perspex® Sweet Pastels is a newly developed cast acrylic sheet collection made up of eight vibrant pastel colours available now from TransDev.

This selection of fresh colours are set to tempt sign makers and designers by offering a Pick ‘n’ Mix of mouth-watering vibrant flavours from Lemon Bonbon to Parma Violet.

Eight pastel shades are available in a standard 3m x 2m sheet size with 3mm thickness. An additional benefit of each sheet is that it offers the best of both worlds with a different finish on each side offering both matt and gloss surfaces all in one sheet.

These unique colours have been developed within the Perspex® colour lab in Lancashire and all sheets are manufactured here in the UK. Technical experts within the colour lab will produce colour matches based on pantone, light source and end application.

Perspex® Sweet Pastels have all the excellent physical properties of standard cast acrylic sheet. All 8 delicious colours were specifically developed with bright signage and retail display in mind; lightweight and easy to install for pop up displays, yet strong durable and hard wearing those more demanding interior needs.

To learn more about Sweet Pastels contact TransDev Plastics Sales on 01202 675555

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