PERSPEX Cast Acrylic Overview


PERSPEX Cast Acrylic Overview

TransDev is an Authorised PERSPEX® Distributor. Manufactured in the United Kingdom, PERSPEX® has been a leading brand in Plastic Since 1934. PERSPEX® materials from TransDev end up in a wide range of applications, ranging from sign making and printing to cladding and glazing. Browse the following pages for product information covering our wide range of PERSPEX® and other plastics.

PERSPEX® Cast Acrylic Sheet

PERSPEX® Cast Acrylic Sheet is the leading material for signs, POP, interior displays and general fabrication.

PERSPEX® Cast has excellent aesthetic and technical properties, which make it ideal for applications where quality and performance are paramount.

PERSPEX® Cast has a high molecular weight and is exceptionally hard wearing. It is resistant to weathering, fading, and extremes of temperature and is easy to handle, machine and fabricate.

PERSPEX® Cast Sheet has excellent acoustic properties, making it ideal for highway sound screens, engineering machine enclosures and telephone hoods

PERSPEX® Cast Acrylic is available in a wide range of clears, opals, tints and solid colours, ranging from soft delicate pastels to strong vibrant shades and in a wide range of thickness and surface textures to suit most

A specialist range of PERSPEX® Cast Acrylic products has been developed to meet the constantly changing needs of designers and specifiers of signs and interior displays.

  • PERSPEX® Frost- cool, subtle frosted appearance
  • PERSPEX® Pearlescent- intriguing iridescent effect
  • PERSPEX® Fluorescent- exciting live edge effect
  • PERSPEX® Fluorescent Anti-Reflective- a new
    double-sided product with a fluorescent live-edge
    effect and soft sheer surface texture
  • PERSPEX® S-Lux-perfect for slim, edge-lit signs
  • PERSPEX® VA/VE- for protection against ultraviolet light- perfect for museums and galleries
  • PERSPEX® Cast Sheet is a premium product that has continued to evolve and out-perform its contemporaries for almost 70 years – no wonder designers and specifiers choose it again and again.