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Transplas Plastic Guide Rails & Extrusions

Profiles Introduction

  • Extruded profiles
  • Belt guides
  • Chain guides
  • Special profiles
  • Scrolls/Feedworms
  • Corner bends and starwheels

Extruded profiles

TransDev Plastics have one of the largest range of extruded profiles in Europe. We hold a vast range of extruded profiles in stock and can extrude to your particular requirements.

Belt guides

TransDev machine a range of standard profiles for Flat, Round and Vee belts. We also machine special types of belt guides.

Working closely with our Technical Belt Team we can service your design requirements.

Chain guides

TransDev machine all the standard profiles for chain for our extensive stock range. Our Chain Division supplies standard chains as well as manufacturing “special” chains with ttachments and work closely with TransDev Plastics to meet special design requirements for Chain guides.

Machining and moulding of special types of profiles

Our machining capabilities have expanded due to our success; we machine a vast range of special profiles to our customers’ requirements, not just the standard types of profiles.


TransDev also make Scrolls to customers’ individual requirements. Currently we supply scrolls to a maximum diameter of 200mm and 1200mm long, dependent on material and scroll form. We cater for most types of bottle shapes and are producing more specialised types to turn bottles from 90° to any desired degree. Scrolls can be manufactured with metal timing collars/pulleys, bearings’ shaft ends/stubs. Scrolls generally have a parallel root with a lead in or out taper. We are also able to manufacture any type of pitch, ie. hesitant, accelerating or constant. This manufacturing flexibility also allows us to produce bottle top invertors to requirement.

Corner bends and starwheels

TransDev manufacture corner wear bends and Starwheels to customers’ requirements using the latest CNC routers. We can make wear bends to suit tab, bevel or standard Roller Chain. Our Technical Department would be pleased to answer any questions you may have

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