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BRECObasic® Timing Belts

BRECObasic® Timing Belts

The BRECObasic® brand is an inexpensive alternative for simple applications that require less than the full potential strength of standard-type BRECO® timing belts. The range is designed for applications that do not come with special demands e.g. relating to restricted tolerances, particular durability/resilience requirements or further processing options for the timing belts.

BRECObasic® timing belts are produced exclusively as a by-the-metre product and can be welded to form endless belts if required.

Like all other BRECO products, the BRECObasic® range stands for quality and reliability of operation.

Comparision of supply options BRECObasic*(M/V)(AT10 BAS,T10 BAS TK10K13BAS) BRECO*(M/V)(AT10,T10 TK10K13)
Special materials (polyurethane) No Yes
Special materials (tension member) No Yes
Special widths No Yes
Reduced longitudinal/lateral tolerance No Yes
Mechanical belt processing No Yes
Coating materials Restrictions to the choice of coatings due to the particular production process No restrictions
Standard colour Anthracite White
Colouring options No Yes
Individual labelling No Yes

BRECObasic® offers a tooth shear strength that is comparable to most commercially available timing belts. By contrast, the tooth shear strength of a standard BRECO® timing belt is around 20% higher, including in comparison to BRECObasic® belts.

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