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Synchrochain Supreme combines the advantages of Synchrochain Carbon with the benefits of an antistatic belt.

  • Polyurtehane teeth belt backing
  • Carbon tension member
  • Antistatic fabric to tooth surface
  • Antistatic property according to ISO 9563*
  • Maintenance free
  • PU material oil resistant according to DIN 53428 (reference oil: IRM 903)
  • PU material ozone resistant according to DIN ISO 1431
  • PU material resistant against light exposure according to DIN EN ISO 4892
  • 8M Lengths 720 to 4480mm / Widths 12 to 62mm
  • 14M Lengths 994 to approx. 5502mm / Widths 20 to 125mm

Combines extremely high load capacity with antistatic properties

The advantages of the well-known Synchrochain Carbon power transmission belt and those of an antistatic belt are combined in the CONTI Synchrochain Supreme power transmission belt, giving users the best of both worlds.  Synchrochain Supreme broadens the range of situations in which polyurethane belts may be used, including those that are explosive, combustible, or electrostatically sensitive with simultaneous extreme applications in which antistatic qualities are desirable or mandatory.

Properties retained over the entire service life

The CONTI Synchrochain Supreme belt transfers high torques and can be used to replace chain drives, just like the Synchrochain Carbon. Its resilience to ageing and maintenance-free nature make it an excellent choice for long-term applications, especially in severe situations. Synchrochain Supreme guarantees antistatic qualities throughout the duration of its service life, going far beyond the ISO 9563 standard requirement. The ISO 9563 standard only requires electrical conductivity on delivery.

Now, applications including everything from energy recovery systems and air-cooled heat exchangers to petroleum refineries, geothermal power plants, grain silos and processing facilities, sawmills, mining, and chemical processing can be supported safely.

*As with belt drives operating in any explosive environment, the customer is responsible to qualify the application.

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