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TransDev Sausage Belts

TransDev Sausage Belts

Synchronous, FDA approved material, moulded belt backings for sausage machines. With a moulded backing, having no overlap joint, belts can run in either direction, with no risk of delamination.

‘The major cause of premature failure is unskilled staff running belts in the wrong direction after cleaning. Moulded backings stop this problem’


  • Moulded backing, no joint to delaminate
  • No adhesive layer to be attacked and degraded by cleaning
  • Can be run in either direction
  • Standard or low friction tooth facing on belts
  • Food quality rubber
  • Low elongation – Aramid tension members
  • Long life – high resistance to tears/cuts
  • Contact materials approved to – FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 (USA)
Sausage belts – Properties
Backing material ETC50-FG
Backing hardness 50° shore ‘A’
Max. Contact/ Washdown temperature +70°C

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