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PU flat belt as an alternative to steel ropes

PU flat belt as an alternative to steel ropes

Flat Belts for Lifting and Conveying

  • Flat belt enables compact drives
  • Lasts up to three times longer than a steel rope
  • Maintenance- and lubrication-free operation

In the lifting and conveying technology, the Polyflat from ContiTech is an alternative to steel ropes: thanks to its compact design, the polyurethane flat belt reinforced with steel cord enables the use of drive pulleys with small diameters and space-saving geared motors. “The Polyflat thus opens perspectives for space-efficient drive configurations,” says Thomas Winkler, application engineer at the ContiTech Power Transmission Group.

In the Polyflat, steel cords consisting of 49 individual wires are embedded in a polyurethane coating. This results in a high tensile and breaking strength. The coating is abrasion resistant and has excellent traction properties, forces are transmitted reliably even at maximum load. The result is a product that has an extremely long service life: the Polyflat lasts up to three times longer than a comparable steel rope. A further advantage: The belt is maintenance-free and does not need to be lubricated – this minimizes downtime and maintenance costs.

Well established as suspension means for elevators, the Polyflat is also an ideal drive solution for applications in intralogistics. One example are scissor lifts: here, the belt drives the spread units, which are used for the movement of the lift tables. Another possible use are overhead tracks as employed in automotive production for the transport of vehicles from car body manufacturing to final assembly. In both applications, the Polyflat provides accurate positioning while operating maintenance- and lubrication-free. Moreover, the Polyflat can also replace lifting chains in floor conveyors such as forklifts.

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