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CONTI® Silentsync (Eagle) Pulleys

CONTI® Silentsync (Eagle) Pulleys

Self-tracking timing pulleys (previously known as Eagle) made for very quiet and reduced vibration operation; excellent choice for horizontal drives.

  • Very low-noise
  • Low vibration
  • Up to 1 metre diameter
  • Many sizes available on short delivery
  • Steel and cast iron

TransDev were one of the first companies in Europe to be awarded a licence to manufacture SilentSync® (formally Goodyear Eagle) made-to-order Pulleys. Our achievement was in recognition of our depth of technical and production know-how, in what is one of the largest special pulley, gear and sprocket manufacturers in the European Union.

We manufacture all SilentSync® pitches and belt width pulleys up to one metre diameter. For all sizes over this figure please discuss your specific requirements with our manufacturing department.

Alongside our special manufacturing capabilities we have an extensive range of pilot bore stock sizes available on short deliverys in 8mm pitch up to 225 teeth (569mm diam.) and 14mm pitch up to 168mm teeth (745mm diam.) in Steel or Cast Iron depending on the size.

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