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Drive Designs Program

Mulco belt-pilot

Mulco belt-pilot is an interactive online application
that helps you quickly and accurately design and specify
your belting solution. You can determine the number of
teeth, plan the width of belts or calculate the diameter
of timing pulleys.

The calculation results achieved with the Mulco
belt-pilot are valid for BRECO®, BRECOFLEX® and
CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX, including GEN III, Polyurethane
timing belts. Both Rotary and Linear power drive designs
are covered.

Rotary power drive design features

  • Provides the shaft centre positions when choosing pulley sizes and preferred belt lengths
  • Enables design of two pulley or multi-pulley ‘serpentine’ drives
  • Provides power and torque capacity of the chosen belt, at the given rpm

Linear power drive design features

  • Provides moving carriage linear slide design for reciprocating movement
  • Enables design of open and closed vertical linear drives, with or without counterweights
  • Design for Linear trolleys, utilising ‘Omega’ drive geometry
  • Gives the linear force capacity of the chosen belt, at the given linear velocity

General features

  • Details safety factors for tensile strength and tooth shear strength
  • Provides precise figures for correct belt pretension
  • Printed results, including graphics of the data and chosen components

Mulco belt-pilot is available via our web site and you will need to register the first time you use it.
Please note that the calculation results for the pitch diameter of the pulleys represent actual values

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