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T Series Timing Pulley Ordering Examples

T Series Timing Pulley Ordering Examples

Standard T Pulley Order Example

Key to standard pulley diagrams.
Df Flange diameter
d Bore diameter
Dp Pitch diameter
L Overall width (or length
through bore)
De External diameter of teeth
F Width over flanges
Dm Hub diameter

Special Manufacturing Order Example

Additional Options

AL Aluminium
ST Steel
SS Stainless Steel
AC Acetal
NY Nylon
CI Cast Iron
BR Brass
T2 TK5(K6)
T2.5 TK5(K13)
T5 TK10(K6)
T10 TK10(K13)
T20 TK20(K13)

For any feature required, but not listed above please contact s

Tooth options
-SE Tooth profile used on all pulleys with<=20 teeth as standard
-0 Zero backlash tooth profile
Number of flanges
-2 Two flanges (Up to and including 40 teeth on standard pulleys)
-1 One flange, state side relating to hub (important)
-0 No flanges (Above 40 teeth on standard pulleys)
-2C Conveyor flanges, reduced diameter
-2BO Two bolt on flanges

Pulley Rework

We can rework standard and stock pulleys to suit your individual requirements on pulleys under 400mm diameter.

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