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Relax with BRECO® Open Ended Belting For Accurate Motion Control

Relax with BRECO® Open Ended Belting For Accurate Motion Control

TransDev are highlighting the versatility of BRECO® Polyurethane linear drive belts for accurate, motion control and power delivery. Open ended polyurethane timing belts are used extensively for linear drives, often replacing more expensive mechanical alternatives.

They offer a host of options for users, covering chemical and temperature resistance, tension cord types, conveying profiles, special backings and of course open lengths.

Open Ended Belting In Operation

In operation the BRECO® Polyurethane linear drive belts provide speeds up to 80 m/sec and can operate at temperatures from -25ºC to +110ºC (dependent on special PU’s). The belts offer high linear, positional and angular accuracy and are ideal for slipless, synchronous operation.

BRECO® Polyurethane linear drive belts provide constant length with no post elongation and are extremely wear resistant. Users can benefit from upto 98% efficiency as well as maintenance free operation. This is ideal for applications where access is difficult or downtime is prohibitively costly for a business.


The belts can also be specified for special chemical resistance and are available in pitch length multiples to any desired length upto 150 metres. The ability to specify from a range of high strength tension cord types allows users to further tailor the belt to their specific application.

Custom Backings & Profiles

As well as helping specify the ‘base’ BRECO® Polyurethane linear drive belts, TransDev offers multiple profiles and backing options to suit almost all applications. TransDev Special Belts division can modify the characteristics of BRECO® timing belts by applying one or more backings and enabling infinite different designs for applications such as conveying.

TransDev can bond backing materials to virtually any BRECO® base belt and their technical experts are ready to assist specifiers with their specific requirements, or help develop a new solution.

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