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HTD Rubber Timing Belts

HTD Rubber Timing Belts

HTD Rubber Timing Belt Product Overview

The HTD rubber timing belt drive is an advancement on the Imperial trapezoidal toothform, resulting in a more uniform transmission of power when the teeth are in mesh. With better transfer of belt tension to the tension cords, a more uniform distribution of stresses within the tooth profile, the HTD Rubber Belt design results in increased torque transmission.

Small Centre Distance

High strength and flexibility allows the use of small pulley diameters, low centre distances and reverse bending idlers. High quality pulleys with pilot bored or taper lock design enable a low-cost, readily available drive setup, with less space requirement.

High efficiency

The superb flexural properties of the synchronous drive belt, as well as the exact dimensional mating of the belt and pulley tooth contours, permit drives with an efficiency of 98%.

HTD rubber belts are resistant to

  • Oil, to a degree
  • Tropics
  • UV and ozone
  • Temperatures ranging from –20°C to +100°C

Polychloroprene teeth and backing

The teeth and the belt top are made from high strength Polychloroprene based elastomer materials. A special manufacturing process ensures an excellent adhesion, both on tensile member and on the facing fabric.

Glass tension member

Timing belt drives call for a high degree of length stability and tensile strength. The HTD belts have a low-elongation tensile member of Glass cord helically wound in opposing pairs over the entire belt width.

Polyamide fabric

Durable teeth protection is provided with an abrasion-resistant Polyamide fabric, with a low coefficient of friction.

With the CONTI® SYNCHROBELT, and Transflex rubber belts TransDev offers TWO brands that together provide even more choice to buyers and users. Wherever the application and whatever the budget TransDev has a rubber belt to meet your exact requirements.

Premium quality from leading German manufacturer.

The UK’s largest range of rubber timing belts, providing uncompromising quality and value.

Pitch 3M 5M 8M 14M
Tooth pitch (t) mm 3 5 8 14
Belt thickness (hs) mm 2.4 3.6 5.6 10
Tooth height (ht) mm 1.2 2.1 3.4 6.1
Belt weight* kg/m/mm 0.0024 0.0037 0.0056 0.0101

*Kg per metre belt length per mm belt width

Standard specifications

Width                 See relevant standard width table 1)
Toothforms     Available 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M
Material            Black Rubber, Glass cords

1) Other dimensions upon request

For any features required, but not listed above please contact: 

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