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Poly V Drive Belts

Poly V Drive Belts

Poly V belts are multi-V cross section belts with longitudinal  v-shaped ribs, that mate perfectly with the corresponding pulley grooves. Poly V belts combine the high flexibility of Flat belts with the first-rate power transmission of V belts.

They enable economic solutions even under difficult drive conditions, such as large transmission ratios, high belt speed ratios, small pulley diameters and back idler pulleys.

Poly Vflex EPDM variants are available for automotive applications and can be found in PK section.


  • Accommodate large transmission ratios
  • Ideal for high belt speeds
  • Suitable for smaller pulleys (short centre distances)
  • Also suitable for back idler pulleys
  • Provide economical drive solutions
  • EPDM variants available


They are ideal for small sheave compact designs, requiring limited vibration. Drives with fixed centre distances can be achieved without any separate tensioning device, especially with the Elast type.

Poly V belts are ideal for serpentine drives and large transmission ratios including automotive applications (EPDM). Versions are also suitable for compact friction-locked drives in household appliances and heavy machinery.

  • Drive is completely supported, with uninterrupted tension eliminating belt turnover problems
  • Thin cross-section profile allows for use with smaller pulleys than standard V belts
  • Drive width can be reduced, because there is increased surface engagement, allowing for increased horsepower per inch of belt width compared to standard V belts


  • Conditionally resistant to oil
  • Wide temperature range
  • Suitable for tropical climates
  • Suited for counterbending
  • Enhanced running smoothness

Two Brands For Even More Choice!

Premium quality from the leading German manufacturer.

Uncompromising quality and value. Includes EPDM compound variants for automotive applications.

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