Vee Belts (VBelts / V-belts)


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Rubber V Belts

TransDev Rubber V belts are used in belt drive transmission systems. The shape of their cross-section is trapezoidal. They can transmit much greater torques than flat belts in the same space. The increased friction greatly reduces the forces acting on the bearings.


Multiple V-belts can be arranged next to each other. On drives with multiple parallel V belts, however, because of stretching it is important that all belts be replaced at the same time.

TransDev V belts are a robust solution that can be relied on even under harsh operating and ambient conditions. The V belts are easy to install and generate little noise in a very wide range of operating states. They enable a high transmission ratio, with exceptionally efficient power transmission under all operating conditions. They provide excellent value and performance benefits to users and buyers. TransDev stocks a number of V belt variants.

With the CONTI-V and Vflex rubber V belts TransDev offers two brands that together provide even more choice to buyers and users. Wherever the application and whatever the budget TransDev has a rubber V belt to meet your exact requirements.

Classical section V belts

  • Ideal for small pulley diameters
  • Large sections for heavy-duty drives
  • Mainly used as an aftermarket product
  • Standard drives

Wedge section V belts

  • Higher power output thanks to large flank contact
  • Better efficiency
  • Energy savings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Lower system costs
  • Narrower space requirement for same output
  • Higher belt speeds
  • Better heat dissipation

Raw edge cogged V belts

  • Can be used at relatively high ambient temperatures
  • Higher power capacity
  • More flexible thanks to moulded teeth
  • Especially smooth running
  • Low system costs
  • More wear-resistant
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